Teramecs is a company that focuses on the research and development of clinical diagnostic equipment. However, when told, not everyone can quickly picture what a clinical diagnostic equipment really is. Was there ever a time when you had to have your blood or urine taken from you during a health checkup? The equipment that analyzes and report testing results is what is known as a clinical diagnostic equipment.

With the progress and technological evolution of the medical treatment, the market for clinical testing continues to grow. The medical treatment industry is may seem to be a stagnant and a recession-proof industry, however, in reality, with the aging population growing, the market for medical treatment and testing still continues to grow with it.

Speed and Precision. The theme of Clinical diagnostic equipment.

In the world of medicine, there is an ever-growing demand for clinical diagnostic equipment. The reason? The need for precise prescription of medical treatments. Additionally, from the perspective of preventive medicine, there is an even greater need for clinical testing regardless of the presence of illnesses. There are more than a thousand types of clinical testing, including the testing of blood, urine, body fluids, blood pressure, etc. And naturally, here is where clinical diagnostic equipment comes in, seeking greater precision. The keyword “now”, refers to the “ever faster, and ever more accurate data reporting”, as well as the increasing demand for technological evolution to support the needs of this generation.


Romantic engagement with Life.

As unpleasant as it is, the highest cause of death of Japanese is cancer. This can be mainly due to the westernization of our culinary culture and lifestyle. However, it is a fact that early detection is the greatest factor of any cure. While this does not only apply to cancer but other illnesses as well, it has long been said that prevention is better than cure. This is where the clinical diagnostic equipment becomes essential. Relying on the speed and precision of clinical diagnostic equipment, Teramecs is able to provide people with the potential to control their lives. That is why we take great pride and responsibility in our romantic endeavor to create better equipment.



The challenges that a community of developer faces.

You may have heard about the Columbus’ egg. When the discovery of the Americas by Columbus was criticized as inevitable and not worthy of praise, he challenged his critics to stand an egg up. As his critics gave up after not being able to succeed, Columbus stands the egg up by flattening its tip. This unprecedented inspiration at that time brought about the reflection of the importance of creativity in one’s thinking. In the world of medical treatments, Teramecs seeks to bring together young researchers that strive to develop ever greater technology for clinical diagnostic equipment. Focusing on the inspiration, imagination, and freedom to explore all possibilities.


The future of going fabless.

Fabless manufacturing refers to manufacturers who do not own manufacturing facilities as their assets, but benefits from the merits of investing in design, development, and research. Teramecs is home to the technologist who has these factors at their core. Now, foreseeing that the cycle of innovation in the 21st century being ever faster and greater, Teramecs could be called a company of that future.


Was there not such a memory?

Have you ever had the experience that whenever you look at a television, or at a clock, would you not always wonder how it worked, why it moves, eventually end up dismantling it, in the end, to find out, and tried your best to put it back together? If you are a young boy who enjoys fiddling with machines, you are bound to have them. Many of our employees in charge at TERAMECS had that experience and have taken it with them to the next level. Clinical inspection equipment is, simply put, the incorporation of FA (Full Automation) into clinical processes. On the outside, these machines may seem small at first, but inside, it’s not very different from a car assembly line, handling not metal or plastic parts, but body fluids. Every mechanical movement, optical measurement, and temperature, within the machine that interacts the samples and reagents, are performed by small-scale robot units that are controlled by a micro-computer. The assembly of all these components within these sophisticated machines are born from the passion of its inventors. I am sure that those who love working with machines, will never get enough of such creations.


If there was a word to describe the corporate culture of Teramecs, it will be “Freedom”.

Teramecs believes that what is most important, is the personal growth and self-value of every employee within the company. While still young, Teramecs will focus its resources in budding the growth of its employees and in turn contribute to the company’s growth. To achieve that, Teramecs employs a 5-day work week, as well as the introduction of a flex-time system that allows individuals to better allocate their time to create a work-life balance.